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Lloyd's Law Firm, PLC is a Full Service Estate Planning, Real Estate, Business and Corporate Law Practice.

Estate Planning

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A Revocable Living Trust not only allows YOU to select who will control your estate upon your passing, but it also allows YOU to designate your beneficiaries so that YOUR assets ends up in the hands of those you love and care for without the hassle and fees of the Probate Court. Be weary of online companies and /or stationery store form versions which DO NOT properly advise you on Estate Tax planning, nor the process, legal or tax ramifications involved in the the transfer of your real estate (your most expensive asset) into your trust, rendering most trusts improperly funded (no assets in it) NULL and Void.

We Prepare Living Trusts for all U.S. States! Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts also Available!



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Conservatorships and Guardianships

Conservatorship (Probate and Limited): Our firm appreciates the opportunity to help developmentally disabled/special needs adults approaching age 18 or over 18+ years of age and their family to secure a quick Limited Conservatorship. General Probate conservatorship applies to adults, such as elderly parents or siblings, who are no longer able to manage their own affairs (or are a danger to themselves) because of mental illness, onset of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, disabling accident or illness, or unscrupulous caregiver’s, friends, or family member(s).

Guardianship generally applies to minor children who lack the legal ability and/or mental capacity to make decisions about their own care.

Incorporate / LLC’S

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Incorporation / LLC's / Family Limited Partnerships / Delaware / Nevada Series LLC / Non-Profit Foundations / Professional Corporations/ Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

Corporations/LLC (Limited Liability Companies) and other Asset Protection Strategies Can Save You $1000's in Taxes and Protect Your Personal Assets Against Lawsuits!

If you have been looking to form a California, Delaware and/or Nevada Corporation/LLC, then look no further! Our firm offers legitimate tax reduction planning customized to your line of business, financial planning services, & affordable pricing. (Wyoming and Arizona entities also available!)

We will advise you and educate you regarding the Pro's and Con's of both Corporations and LLC's, and financial traps that differ from state to state. Once we decide type of business entities is right for you, we will customize and file your Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State (with 2 hour expedited service available for Nevada corporations!) and begin your road to the riches.

* Delaware /Nevada Series LLC Now Available!
Provides separate and distinct Sub-LLC's (or "series" or "cells") within one single LLC entity formation to hold maintain asset segregation and protection!


Asset Protection / Bankruptcy

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If your debts have gotten so out of hand that you cannot keep up with them, you could be at risk of wage garnishment, repossession, foreclosure and other serious consequences. You may be getting harassing phone calls from debt collectors at all hours. You need options!

The New Bankruptcy Laws went into effect on October 17, 2005 but help is still available!

Bankruptcy filings have increased by over 30% in the last year and these numbers are expected to increase even more in the new few years due to the unexpected economic downturn. However, thanks to the new federal bankruptcy laws, bankruptcy is still a valid option for debtors seeking a "Fresh Start."Relief is still available under Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and even Chapter 11 for individuals and businesses. Although there are more stringent eligibility and documentation requirements than ever before, Lloyds Law Firm, PLC is here to assist you with a "common sense and compassionate" approach to filing bankruptcy!